Library Policies


Coeur d'Alene/Lake City Public Library Policy Manual

This is a cursory view of Lake City Public Library's general policies, it is not intended to be exhaustive:

  • Normal borrowing period is 28 days (4 weeks).
  • Most materials - including audio books - can be checked out for up to 4 weeks with one 4 week renewal (if items have not been reserved by another patron).
  • New fiction, videos, CDs, cassettes, HELP Hub packs and LEAP totes are available for up to 2 weeks with one 2 week renewal (unless reserved) (HELP Hub packs and LEAP totes are not renewable).
  • Holiday books (during the holiday season), sound recordings and high demand materials may be borrowed for 14 days (2 weeks).
  • A late fee of $0.10 per day per item will be charged for Lake City Public Library materials returned after the due date; a fine of $1.00 per day per item is charged for overdue items which have been interlibrary loaned for patrons.
  • Lost or damaged materials must be paid for.
  • Materials may not be borrowed if you owe a fine exceeding $3.00 or have overdue items.
  • Replacement of a lost or stolen library card is $1.00.
  • Materials may be renewed once, as long as fines are below $3.00. Renewal may take place via telephone or through the CIN online catalog; have your library card available.


  1. Availability of electronic resources is seen as integral to the Lake City Public Library’s goal of developing a strong and diverse collection of materials in various formats. Access to electronic resources complements the Library’s goal of free and open access to ideas and information.
  2. Computer workstations are available on a first come, first served basis, with limited time slots.
  3. Parents or legal guardians accept responsibility for monitoring their children’s access to print, media, and electronic formats, including the Internet.
  4. Adults must supervise children younger than 7 or children who need assistance. Training is not provided.
  5. Internet access presents special issues of information reliability, accuracy and currency, access to objectionable material, and user responsibilities. By using any computer workstation at the Lake City Public Library, users agree to comply with the policies outlined in this document. Parents and guardians accept responsibility for monitoring their children’s access to print, media, and electronic formats, including the internet.
  6. Examples of unacceptable purposes include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Installation of any software
    • Destruction of or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to the Library or others
    • Unauthorized copying of copyright-protected material
    • Violation of computer system security
    • Unauthorized use of computer accounts, access codes, or network identification numbers assigned to others
    • Use of computer communication facilities in ways that unnecessarily impede the computing activities of others
    • Violation of software license agreements
    • Violation of another user’s privacy
    • Accessing pornographic materials
    • Conducting illegal activities of any kind
    • Violators of electronic use policies may lose library privileges. Illegal acts involving Library computing resources may also be subject to prosecution by local, state or federal authorities.
  7. The Library assumes no liability for loss or damage to the user’s data or for any damage or injury arising from exposure to objectionable material or invasion of the user’s privacy.

* The Library provides filtered internet access. Users should be aware, however, that all currently available filtering software results in a degree of both "underblocking" (i.e., permitting access to certain material that falls within the foregoing categories) and "overblocking" (i.e., denying access to certain constitutionally protected material that does not fall within the foregoing categories). The Library cannot and does not guarantee that the filtering software will block all obscenity, child pornography, or materials that are harmful to minors. Nor can the Library guarantee that the filtering software will not restrict access to sites that may have legitimate research or other value.


Free wireless Internet access is provided to the public at Lake City Public Library. Utilizing this "Hot Spot," the public may connect to the internet with a wireless laptop, PDA or other portable device from within the Library. The wireless connection is provided as-is. Library staff cannot offer technical support for establishing or maintaining a connection and the Library is not responsible for hardware or software damage, or for loss or theft of unattended equipment. The wireless connection is not secure. Since the radio signals can potentially be intercepted, activity requiring transmission of credit card numbers, passwords, and other personal information should be avoided. The wireless network is open and simultaneously connected computers are visible to each other, and therefore vulnerable to other users' viruses, malware, and hacks.

Users are responsible for maintaining up-to-date antivirus software and firewalls. Printing from the wireless network will not be supported. The wireless Internet access is unfiltered, but all Library policies concerning legal and acceptable use of computers and the Internet apply.


The Lake City Public Library makes available a meeting room to groups and organizations complying with prescribed regulations. Meeting rooms are designed to meet general informational, educational, cultural, and civic needs including activities such as discussion groups, panels, lectures, conferences, seminars, exhibits, displays, films, etc. No fee will be charged for use of the meeting rooms.

  1. All meetings and programs must be free, open and accessible to any member of the public.
    1. The Library may deny the use of a meeting room to an applicant if in the Library’s opinion:
      1. the purpose of the meeting or activity is illegal or potentially hazardous,
      2. the meeting presents health or security risks
      3. the conduct of the meeting interferes with the functioning of the Library
      4. the applicant has not provided satisfactory adult sponsorship and supervision for the meeting, or
      5. the applicant has failed to comply with these or other library regulations.
    2. Library meeting rooms shall not be used for religious services.
    3. Library meeting rooms shall not be used for the purpose of assisting the campaign for election of any persons to any office, or for the promotion or opposition of any ballot issue. Library meeting rooms may be used for general political purposes, such as information sharing, organizational meetings, election issues, or candidate forums, and will be available on a non-discriminatory, equal-access basis.
  2. Reservations
    1. Priority for use of the meeting will be given to Library and city sponsored meetings and programs, including City of Coeur d’Alene departments, boards, commissions and elected bodies as well as meetings and programs sponsored by groups and organizations affiliated with the library
    2. With the exception of the Library and the City of Coeur d’Alene, groups may not reserve the meeting rooms any further in advance than three months.
    3. No private parties such as wedding showers, birthday parties, etc. will be allowed.
    4. When making a reservation, please provide: Name of organization and name, address, and telephone number of the responsible person.
    5. Individuals or groups using the meeting rooms must sign the meeting room agreement.
  3. The meeting rooms are available for meetings during the hours the Library is open to the public. Exceptions include meetings authorized by library/city staff.
  4. Organizations holding meetings assume responsibility for any damage to the rooms or contents.
  5. Smoking is not permitted.
  6. The rooms must be left in as neat and orderly a condition as they are found.
  7. Group activities involving more than normal wear and tear will not be permitted.
  8. Use of the Library's meeting rooms does not constitute Library or City of Coeur d’Alene’s endorsement of viewpoints expressed by participants in the program. Advertisements or announcements implying such endorsement are not permitted.
  9. An admission or registration fee may not be charged at any meeting. Sales of goods or services are prohibited, but donations may be accepted to recover meeting materials costs.
  10. Equipment, supplies, materials, or other items owned by a community group or used by them in the Library are not the responsibility of the Library, nor can they be stored in the Library.
  11. The Library telephones are not available to meeting room users, nor can the Library staff page people who are in the meeting Rooms, except in an emergency.
  12. Library meeting rooms are handicapped accessible. It is the responsibility of the group holding meetings to provide ADA compliance for their programs.
  13. Groups must vacate the Library ten (10) minutes prior to the Library's regular closing time unless arrangements have been made in advance.
  14. Failure to abide by the library’s meeting room policy and rules of conduct may result in the cancellation of or refusal of future reservations.
  15. The Library Director is authorized to deny permission to use the Meeting Room or terminate any meeting in progress to any group which is disorderly in any way, or which violates these regulations.